The Beginning

The idea for Legacies in Motion® was born on a bus trip through the northern part of the Atacama Desert in southern Peru. It had not rained in parts of this desert for 400 years. Here it is so devoid of life that NASA used this place to develop their experiments to test for life on Mars. Yet within our sight to our right was the Pacific Ocean with all that water, with all that life! This was indeed an inspirational place...

We were on our way to visit and support a nutritional lunch program for the children of Andean farm workers lured down from the mountains to this desert by the promise of work and a better life. At times we would pass large chicken farms; apparently disease has a hard time attacking poultry in such dryness. Mostly though, these workers labored in the occasional verdant valleys passing through the desert like green ribbons fed by drainage from the distant mountains. The irrigated crops form a sharp line in the desert, a line between life and death.

It becomes clear in a place like this that we are all connected to each other both as humans and also as living things interconnected to other living organisms in our biosphere. It is only by recognizing our connection to each other that we will be able to improve both the human condition and of the planet. We are about recognizing the connection to others and connecting you with them.

How We Work

Legacies in Motion® is about assisting you in creating your legacy. While there is no shortage of needs in the world, individuals and corporations often do not know where to begin. For large donors, we may actually scout for worthy projects in the country of your choice, showing you personally a number of projects that you may choose to support in your area of interest. For smaller donors, we have a number of worthy projects in several countries that we continually support and that we welcome contributions for. We always keep in mind the environmental effects of all of our humanitarian projects to ensure that the environment is enhanced or respected.

Board of Directors

None of our directors are salaried.
We direct your donations to where they are needed!

Patricia Mogilnicki - President, Founder

Carl Mogilnicki - Treasurer

Karen Machuca - Secretary

Fletcher McCombie - IT

There are Legacies to be created, Get Involved today...