Legacies in Motion® was initiated as a steady "hands on" approach to philanthropy in which donors have had a voice and choice of humanitarian projects.  Since its conception, Legacies in Motion® has operated volunteer humanitarian trips in which volunteers distributed aid, assisted in construction and painting projects, assisted in teaching a class, assisted with medical and dental needs of children, or feeding and caring for those in need.



Legacies in Motion® led a recovery initiative to respond to the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that devastated Haiti January 12, 2010.  Our adopted projects were in Riviere Froide, a rural community south of the Carrefour suburb of Port-au-Prince.  There are approximately 200 children and adults living directly in Riviere Froide with approximately 10,000 people living in the foothills which had all suffered death and destruction from the earthquake.  We  provided a truck load of Medical supplies and aid for the clinic of this community.  Financial support was also provided to help rebuild schools and to support a handicap school program serving up to 100 children.


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La Florida is located in the Province of Canete, two and a half hours south of Lima, Peru.  Most of the homes were bamboo huts.  The huts were built of handmade woven bamboo walls and plastic tarp ceilings with dry, dusty dirt ground for flooring.  Legacies in Motion® in conjunction with The Fuller Center for Housing replaced 200 bamboo huts for standard brick homes.  Together, we improved the overall quality of the lives of people of La Florida.


There are Legacies to be created, Get Involved today.